Titan Pumps

Titan air pumps have features and benefits including:

  • Air motor requiring 50 CFM at a maximum pressure of 100 PSI

  • Filter and lubricator

  • 2-stage pump, gear first stage, high volume, low pressure,

  • Co-axial piston high-pressure second stage

  • Flow rate 0.9 litres per minute at 700bar

  • External variable regulator 1,500 to 10,000PSI (700 bar) range 1,500 to 10,000PSI (700 bar)

  • Gauge (has a serial number is calibrated and certified [100mm gauge - 10,000PSI])

  • Oil Tank is 8.7 litres useable oil reservoir

  • Remote control pendant switch (pneumatic)

  • Faster VSSM coupler and nipple assemblies, rated at 10,000PSI (700 bar, with 4:1 safety ratio), complete with steel dust caps and plug

  • Hoses 7.5 metres 10,000PSI (700 bar), 4:1 safety ratio, serial numbered, tested and certified, shrouded in wear resistant protective sleeve

  • Pump frame safety carry/roll frame, optional choice of wheels & castors

For more information visit the Titan Products website